Hair Prosthesis: Look Amazing, Feel Amazing
07 / 22 / 14

Hair Prosthesis: Look Amazing, Feel Amazing

he two most common questions of anyone considering a hair prosthesis are “Will it be obvious that I am wearing a hair prosthesis?” and “What activities must I refrain from while wearing a hair prosthesis?”

CNC Hair Prosthesis System

The CNC Hair Prosthesis System by Cesare Regazzi provides incredible solutions for both of these questions. The CNC Hair Prosthesis blends perfectly and seamlessly with your natural hair color, texture, and skin tone. It is anchored to your scalp using a dermatologically tested medical adhesive, so you never have to worry about it coming off. Unlike wigs, toupes, or hair pieces, you can return to a full, active lifestyle including swimming and high-impact sports soon after your treatment has commenced.

The CNC® system is the most efficient method for resolving full or partial hair loss. It is:

  • Clinically tested
  • Practical
  • Non-surgical
  • Natural-looking
  • Who Is A Candidate For The CNC Hair Prosthesis System?

Men and women who have experienced full or partial hair loss will benefit from the CNC Hair Prosthesis System. This System is the perfect solution for those who are not good surgical candidates and for whom there is no appropriate medical therapy to resolve their alopecia. Before treatment commences, a thorough hair and scalp examination takes place in the privacy of the Hair Transplant and Restoration Center.

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The hair prosthesis is for people who you cannot do a transplant on and medical therapy is not going to correct the hair loss that they have. A hair prosthesis would be human hair that has been unprocessed, undyed, and combined in the right ratio to exactly match the hair that is on your head. Then, we would take a mold of your scalp in the area we need to have hair so that this prosthetic piece would fit exactly to your scalp with an adhesive.

It would stay on about a month at a time, and you could do anything from skydiving to scuba diving and everything in between. You can lead a totally normal life: you wash it and dry it, and you can go to the hair salon and they can curl it. It allows people who have suffered greatly from significant alopecia to now have a full head of hair again, and it is so well disguised that no one knows you have it on. We hope to have it available in the next few months.

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