Hair Transplant & Restoration Center prides itself on always offering the latest technology in hair restoration. We are excited to announce that we now offer one of the newest advanced technologies – Hair Follicle Regeneration!

Hair Follicle Regeneration technology utilizes growth factors that have been applied to medicine within recent years for healing and restoring the use of damaged tissues and injured body parts.

Now this technology is being applied to those experiencing thinning hair. Hair Follicle Regeneration utilizes your body’s natural healing components to combat hair loss by stimulating your scalp and hair simultaneously, improving the blood supply to each hair.

For men with age related thinning, Hair Follicle Regeneration fights miniaturization by promoting active growth at the cellular level.

Many patients enjoy the fact that Hair Follicle Regeneration does not require a lot of downtime. The procedure itself can generally be done in an hour and a half. Blood is drawn and then placed in a centrifuge where the red blood cells get separated from the plasma and platelets. The platelets are rich in growth factors that can help spur hair growth.

Hair Follicle Regeneration can be effective when existing hair follicles are not yet overly miniaturized. This is why it’s so important for men to have treatment sooner than later. The further into hair loss you are, the fewer follicles will be impacted, and the more critical timing becomes.

Find out if hair follicle regeneration is an option for you by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Gray!

What Our Patients are Saying About Hair Follicle Regeneration

The pain with Hair Follicle Regeneration was very minimal. Dr. Grays strives very hard to minimize all discomfort. By the second treatment, just knowing what was going to happen and with his technique, virtuously it was painless. He did bacteriostatic saline, which I thought was amazing, I did not feel the needle stick in my arm from when he drew the blood. He did a topical block around my scalp, there were a few very very minimal little sticks, but it was way less, way less (pain) than receiving an injection or having blood drawn at a local facility. This was great. 

I've noticed a fullness already (by my third treatment) on my crown where I had the Hair Follicle Regeneration injections done (where my areas of concern were), and I would say I first noticed this change in about two and a half to three months. A month after my first treatment, I noticed that my hair wasn't falling out as much as it was. I decided to do Hair Follicle Regeneration because I wanted to grow my natural hair back out as much as possible before I decided to do anything else, and there were more scientific studies to back up this treatment.

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Are you ready to take action? The first step toward resolution is to find out whether you’re a good candidate for Hair Follicle Regeneration. Hair Follicle Regeneration gets its best results in the early stages of hair loss, so don’t wait. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gray to to find out whether Hair Follicle Regeneration or another medical hair loss solution.