HT&RC is the first in Middle Georgia to offer a revolutionary, pain-free, needle-free, non-invasive hair treatment for women: Alma TED. The Alma TED is a powerful treatment alternative, changing the game of hair loss and drawing attention for its incredible results.

alma-ted-non-surgical-treatment-1 Alma TED Hair Restoration for Women at HT&RC

What Is the Alma TED Treatment for Hair Growth?

Alma TED is an innovative procedure that uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive hair signal molecules about 4 mm deep into the scalp past our protective layer of skin down to the dermis, providing needle-free and pain-free hair restoration (no surgery needed!).

TED stands for transepidermal drug delivery. Instead of creating channels with needles or laser energy, we create temporary pathways that allow the hair molecule signals found in treatment serums to penetrate the skin, reaching the hair bulbs to promote blood flow to the scalp and stimulate and enhance hair growth.

alma-ted-non-surgical-treatment-2 Alma TED Hair Restoration for Women at HT&RC

How Can Sound Waves Help Hair Growth?

Alma TED uses low-frequency "ultrasonic" acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive topical hair growth treatments deep into the skin through a process called acoustic cavitation. This use of sound waves to increase the penetration of topical treatments is called sonophoresis or phonophoresis.

The epidermis's outermost layer, the stratum corneum, is primarily made of dead cells and lipids, forming a "brick and mortar"-like structure. Corneocytes are the cellular "bricks" that are "mortared" together with lipids, creating the primary barrier layer between the body and the environment and blocking the penetration of large molecules and moisture.

Ultrasonic sound waves at a very specific vibration or frequency break up this "brick and mortar" layer by generating tiny, transient gaseous bubbles that rapidly expand and collapse, temporarily allowing access for medications to absorb.

At the same time, the mechanical pressure of the sound waves creates a push-and-pull effect to promote the delivery of compounds through the temporary access formed in the top layer of the skin.

alma-ted-non-surgical-treatment-7 Alma TED Hair Restoration for Women at HT&RC

Through the process of Alma TED or "TransEpidermal Delivery," we can increase the penetration of topical hair growth treatments through the top layer of skin, allowing more of the active ingredients to reach the hair follicles located below.

The Alma TED Hair Care Formula is a proprietary product formulated with the help of a leading pharmaceutical company to increase the strength and shine of your hair. This product consists of essential nutrients including protein growth factors, peptides and amino acids that support optimal hair growth and scalp health.

This treatment involves three office visits spaced one month apart. Results may vary, and it’s important to note that no pharmaceutical can restore hair once it reaches complete baldness. Active and existing hair is necessary to improve existing hair’s length and quality.

Additionally, Alma TED can facilitate the delivery of steroid injections, and the delivery of Growth Factor.

What Should I Expect During and After My Alma TED Treatment?

Alma TED is a 100% NEEDLE FREE, and PAIN FREE. Your scalp will feel warm as you sense a mild buzzing sensation, and your hair will be slightly damp at the end of the approximately 30-minute procedure. Many of our patients find the treatment soothing and enjoyable, a huge breakthrough in this treatment category.

Watch the video below to see an Alma TED treatment administered to a patient.

During your consultation, Dr. Gray will perform a detailed evaluation of your scalp and hair, quantifying your hair density and assessing your overall scalp health to personalize and customize your best treatment plan. You’ll probably notice improvements within one month of treatment, but additional treatments are recommended for optimal results. Each case is different.

  • It is very important to come to the appointment with a clean, dry scalp free of any hair product, oil, hair spray, or fibers.
  • Do not color your hair on week before or after treatment.
  • You can wash your hair 24 hours after treatment.
  • Your hair will be a little damp at the roots when you leave. If you aren’t going straight home, we have a hair dryer in our office, or some people bring a hat.

Is the Alma TED Treatment Painful?

No, the treatment is quite comfortable and, for many patients, relaxing. You can expect to feel a warm sensation from the device and a vibration or ringing sound through the course of treatment, but there is no pain involved. No needles and no anesthesia are required. No trauma or discomfort at the scalp.

Who Is the Right Candidate for the Alma TED Hair Treatment?

Since the Alma TED treatment nourishes the follicles and the scalp, the treatment is appropriate for anyone experiencing hair loss or hair shedding and anyone who wants to maintain healthy looking hair. It’s particularly helpful for those with genetic/hereditary hair thinning or stress induced hair shedding from post-delivery, a recent surgery, or an illness such as COVID. Most patients who are shedding experience great improvement after the second treatment because the serum has a follicular “anchoring” property. A consultation with Dr. Gray is recommended to determine if you are a good candidate for Alma TED treatment.

alma-ted-womens-non-surgical-treament-10 Alma TED Hair Restoration for Women at HT&RC

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Is the Alma TED Procedure Safe?

Yes, it is FDA approved and safe for everyone.

When Do You See Results and How Often Do You Have to Do It?

Although you may notice improvement with just one treatment, it is recommended to have a series of at least three Alma TED treatments, one month apart, for optimal results. The improvements seen range from decreased shedding, increased hair growth, improved hair quality and texture, and overall better-looking hair and scalp. Dr. Gray will monitor your density at each treatment. After the initial round of treatments, you’ll need continuing “maintenance treatments” as directed by Dr. Gray to preserve density.

alma ted womens non surgical treatment 9

alma ted womens non surgical treatment 9

Does Alma TED Regrow a New Hair Follicle?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to restore hair growth to a severely depleted area is through hair transplantation. However, Alma TED can be used in conjunction with hair transplants to help slow, stop, and reverse the progression of hair loss in non-transplanted area.

Where Can Alma TED Be Used?

Alma TED can be used throughout the scalp as well as the eyebrows. We can also combine Alma TED with our other growth factor or scalp microneedling to further enhance hair growth.

Whether taking preventative measures or ready to restore your hair, we are prepared to get you there painlessly and quickly through this innovative treatment. Reach out to Hair Transplant & Restoration Center to learn more and schedule your consultation today!