Ashley, 34, Perry, GA

My biggest fear before contacting HT&RC was that I would be told there was nothing that could be done to help my situation involving my hair loss.

That fear did not come true though and I was instead told that I actually had many different choices and ways to go about helping the situation that involved my hair loss. What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Gray was the total comfort and understanding that I felt during my very first appointment. I immediately felt comfortable with both Dr. Gray and his nurse and felt as though he completely understand my situation regarding my hair loss, that was significant to me personally because the case involving my specific problem with hair loss was quite different from others. He was very knowledgeable as well which gave me great confidence that he would be able to help me. I left my first appointment with Dr. Gray with more information and answers than I believe I would have found anywhere else.

I would tell anyone seeking help for hair loss to definitely go see Dr. Gray for many reasons! One being because most people dealing with the issue of hair loss are most likely embarrassed a bit about it, but after seeing and speaking with Dr. Gray those feelings seem to subside. I believe that is because of his great ability to make you feel comfortable, understood and hopeful that he will and can help you with whatever your situation may be. For someone dealing with hair loss those things are very important and his wealth of knowledge is incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Gray to someone, he changed my life in a way that I will forever be thankful!

Ashley’s hair loss was very individual as a result from trichotillomania. She was a candidate for various medical treatment options, but once we introduced her to our CNC hair system, her decision was made. We are so glad she found us!

We were looking for a doctor that would address all of our concerns, educate us as to what our treatment options are, and inform us of what can be expected - Dr. Gray did all of this and more. He gave us the knowledge to choose the care we needed and made sure we did not have unrealistic expectations. He even gave us worse-case scenario and how we can offset the trauma of those outcomes with other resources and options should they be needed. Sarah was a joy to work with; she keeps you informed, always there for questions. We finally feel we have partners in this journey of hair loss and its physical and psychological impacts. Thanks to Dr. Gray and Sarah.

Let me express myself as honestly as possible. I'm blown away by the professionalism and candor of Dr. Gray. His surgical skill, attention to detail, and pleasant patient interaction are unmatched. What a gem I've discovered in Macon Georgia! I will return for additional work as soon as I heal!

Went for a beard to scalp transplant and it was a great success with Dr. Gray and his entire staff. Special thanks to Sarah Gray also.

From first contact with Hair Transplant & Restoration Center, my experience was above all expectations. Sarah was patient, friendly, answered all my questions and I never felt rushed or that my questions were not important. Dr. Gray took almost two hours with me on a phone consult. His explanation to my possible issues were clearly stated. I traveled to Georgia from out-of-state because I believed I had the correct physician for my issues. I was not wrong. Dr. Gray is thorough and knowledgeable on the latest treatments available.

My initial consultation was today. The receptionist was excellent and Dr. Gray was very helpful and very informative. He answered all my questions and I look forward to the transformation. I would recommend.

My first visit was great!!! He explained my options, he was straight forward, and that is what I needed. Dr. Gray is up front about the prices for each procedure. His Daughter/Assistant Sarah is also helpful and so sweet!! Both were very professional and willing to answer any questions that I had.

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Gray today and he was very informative and upfront about the pricing for the different treatment options and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him! Sarah was nice as well and very welcoming!

Dr. Gray and Sarah are awesome! He thoroughly explained the available options. Letting the patient come to their own decision on what treatment they want to pursue. Sarah is very responsive and efficient at coordinating the rest. You can't go wrong making an appointment with their practice.

I am a new patient. I appreciate Dr. Gray's honesty. He explained my options and he was very straight forward with me and that's what I needed. I trust him and I will follow up with him. I recommend Dr. Gray and he is very up front about the prices for each procedure. Sarah is very helpful also. She let me know that if I had any questions to give her a call, email, or even call her on her cellphone.

No need to go to the big city when you have Dr Gray and Sarah right here in Macon! They have answered about "a million" questions that I have thrown at them. Dr Gray is very personable and sensitive to your needs. I have had two FUT transplants and both were with minimal pain. No need for pain medication in my experience. I highly recommend HT&RC!

I cannot say enough good things about Dr Gray and his staff. I found him to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. I appreciated that he gave me all the options and never once made me feel that I should go one way or another. I was impressed that I had near-instant access to him if I had a question or concern, both before and after surgery. It’s clear to me that he is in this field to make lives better. I would certainly go back!!

It was great! He is very personable, yet professional. Always has gotten back with me and answered most trivial questions promptly. I would definitely recommend him.I had previous brow lift and was not very trusting ,but I trust him.

Dr Gray is by far one of the best physicians that I have worked with and/or received care from. He was very professional throughout the process and was really attentive to my needs including pain issues after the procedure. My hair transplant looks fabulous and I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking about improving his/her personal appearance.

Dr. Gray is very knowledgeable about hair loss and treatments. He is patient and kind. I am very thankful that he is serving our community in this area of healthcare!

Great folks. Very attentive with good results!

Had a 2400 graft fut implant on feb 2 2019...very professional and so far so good.


I am beyond thrilled with my ongoing results after starting treatments with Dr. Gray!!! He and Sarah made me so comfortable with the entire process and I felt hopeful from the very beginning. I can't say enough about my appreciation to both of them and really look forward to a continuing relationship with them.

All around great experience. I've been through transplants before, and HT&RC was the best. Knowledgeable, professional, great facility and staff, great communication- and the procedure was as painless as you could hope for. Dr. Gray was on top of it! It was exactly what he had communicated it would be, and I have no doubt as to the upcoming results. They provide very clear pre-op and post-op instructions, which was also gives you confidence in the entire process and knowing what to expect.

Dr. Gray and Sarah are just fantastic. When my mother was my age, she was wearing a wig full-time because of hair loss. Thanks to Dr. Gray, I am not. The treatments have stopped and reversed excessive hair loss.

Dr.Gray was very accessible and answered all of my questions. He is extremely honest and knowledgeable. Dr.Gray's office is also comfortable and private for those who experience anxiety due to their hairloss. Dr. Gray also shares with you his hair loss and treatment experiences which is awesome, he definetly can relate to what you are experiencing and hoping to correct. Sarah is also extremely welcoming and senciere. I would higly recommend them to anyone seeking hair loss advice or treatments.

I was unfortunate to be diagnosed with alopecia universalis. This is a very depressing and shocking event. Fortunately Dr. Gray and Sarah were able to find me a solution to relieve my anxiety.

Dr. Gray was understanding, compassionate and genuinely concerned to find a treatment plan for my hair loss. He explained all my options and answered all my questions. I chose the Cesare Regazzi CNC hair system. Sarah, Patient Coordinator, was wonderful help through the entire process. I would recommend HT&RC to everyone experiencing hair loss. Life changing!

I had no concerns about spending money for a consultation because losing your hair is just too important, especially for a female. I'm very happy that I went to Dr.Gray as my hair shedding is now minimial and [my hair] appears to be coming back. I would recommend Dr. Gray to a friend who is losing their hair. As a doctor, he has a genuine concern for his patients. He explains what the problem is and what protocols are in place for your particular cause of hair loss. The office staff is friendly which makes the process more comfortable.

Spending money on a consultation appointment was worth it. The staff is really friendly and make you feel very comfortable.

Excellent! I had two long, deep gashes in my scalp; one on each side running from temple to ears from a botched midface lift many years ago. I had to wear my hair forward and close to my face to cover them. I couldn't go swimming and I constantly feared my hair blowing back. Dr. Gray harvested hair from the back of my head and his team transplanted it into the scars. I don't recall the name of the injections that aided healing. My 14+ year problem disappeared in less than a year, if that.

I had concerns about spending money on a consultation appointment and hair restoration treatment, but now I feel a lot better about the purchases. I tell my friends to give it a try. It can only help.

It has been just over 4 months [since my hair transplant procedure] and the transplanted hair is beginning to thicken in the area of the transplantation. I have no regrets about undertaking the procedure and believe that I will be very satisfied with the outcome in the upcoming year. I have recommended your services to a friend saying that I believed you could provide a more permanent solution than those offered by others and that my personal experience was positive.

I was very nervous about having the steroid injection because of all the negative comments I had read online. However, it was nothing like I expected. Dr. Gray did an outstanding job throughout the entire procedure. He was very gentle and he was constantly asking me, if I was okay. I had one sore spot in my head for a few days but I rubbed some antibiotic ointment on it and I was fine. I highly recommend Dr. Gray to anyone contemplating steroid injections!

Sharon was biopsy diagnosed with LPP or Lichen planopilaris. Her personal treatment plan involved multiple steroid injections to stop further hair loss from LPP.

What I appreciated the most about working with Dr. Gray was that he very nice, pleasant, and earnest about the procedure. He also explained everything very well and was up front and honest about results. I would say he did a good job, the team he had was very good, and he is honest and upfront about the procedure.

David began losing hair early in his 20s. He wanted to fill in hair both on and behind his hairline. We transplanted 1500 grafts using the FUE method.

I feel that this [hair transplant] experience is probably the best [compared to other hair transplants in past] because there is such attention to detail, and no one was in a hurry and made sure everything was done right, and the overall treatment here was just wonderful.

Brad had previous transplants at other facilities, and wanted to recreate his hairline. We transplanted 1500 grafts using the FUE method.

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