About HT&RC

About HT&RC

Hair Transplant & Restoration Center

HT&RC is a medical resource for patients who truly want to resolve all forms of hair loss. More than just transplanting hair, our practice also prioritizes diagnosis, treatment of disorders, and hair-loss prevention. Founded by ISHRS member Dr. Arthur Gray, HT&RC is a full-service center bringing together all the FDA-approved and clinically proven treatments for hair loss and combines them with expert FUE, FUE no shave, and FUT surgical restoration procedures.

We are the only practice in Georgia, and one of just a few nationwide, offering consultations performed only by the physician (Dr. Gray), expert FUE, FUE no shave, & FUT hair transplant surgeries, Hair Follicle Regeneration with ACell, and the Cesare Ragazzi CNC custom prosthesis system from a single location. We focus on developing a highly individualized, long-term plan for people of varying ages, with every hair type, including Caucasian, Asian and Afro-textured hair, with all skin types, from Georgia and beyond.

Medically based hair restoration

Dr. Gray’s approach is clinical, surgical, medical, diagnostic, and personal. We understand hair loss because that's all we treat in our practice. Our center routinely sees patients with advanced genetic hair loss, alopecia areata, hair shedding issues, and scarring (cicatricial) alopecia as well as some of the most complex presentations of hair loss.

Because Dr. Gray takes time to assess each patient personally, he will only recommend treatment options in your best interest. If applicable, you’ll be presented with a personalized treatment plan that aims to alleviate your symptoms while also targeting the underlying problem that’s causing your hair loss.

Experience of connectedness

We understand the tools required for the fight against hair loss. Scalp biopsies, lab orders, Hair Follicle Regeneration with ACell, prescriptions for Propecia, Formula 82M (prescription strength Minoxidil with Retin A and steroid) are among the medically oriented services that set HT&RC apart from hair clinics.

You’ll speak directly with Dr. Gray throughout your treatment to ensure you’re always receiving the best possible care. We know when treatment is worth trying and aim to provide realistic expectations based on each patient's goals. At the same time, Dr. Gray understands the limitations of modern medicine and knows when it is advisable to stop a particular treatment - and when it's not sensible to start a given treatment in the first place. Hair Transplant and Restoration Center is an ethical practice where doing what’s right for every patient is the absolute priority.

How we are different

We differ from traditional hair loss practices in many ways. It’s rare in the hair restoration industry to find a hair loss physician ready to listen with a full range of services, from diagnostic procedures to surgical transplantation and custom prosthesis, to recommend. It is even more unusual for patients to not only speak directly with their surgeon and only their surgeon at their transplant consultation, but also to receive a follow up phone call from the surgeon in the days following the transplant.

Dr. Gray’s skill set and approach keep patients connected to the planning and monitoring of their own treatment plans. His transparency and willingness to explore unique options comes as a surprise to men and women who have sought hair restoration at hair clinics.

What We Do

We diagnose all types of hair loss which includes individuals with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern balding and female pattern hair loss), hair shedding abnormalities (acute and chronic telogen effluvium), alopecia areata, and the various types of scarring alopecia (lichen planopilaris, frontal fibrosing, folliculitis decalvans, pseudopelade).

We connect patients with the proper treatment for their particular type of hair loss, no matter the reason for hair loss using both FDA-approved and off-label treatments. If a medication, treatment, technology or technique has proven useful in treating hair loss, we'll not only know, but we'll let our patients know. We also understand what products do not help and what myths and misconceptions fill the world of hair loss.

Our practice is not structured to market any one particular treatment. We have no sales consultants and offer no protocols outlining a single-treatment-fix-all approach. We are focused on asking one simple question - "what's the best possible treatment for this patient?" We want to connect patients with the best treatments possible. It's that simple.

Comfort, confidence & trust: The mission of HT&RC

Hair Transplant and Restoration Center’s goal is to offer comprehensive scientifically-validated treatment options for men and women struggling with hair loss. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and procedures and are committed to offering solutions that have proven effectiveness. Our practice design puts the patient first.

We are hands-on and relational in our approach to hair restoration, and we care about the patients who turn to us for hair-loss solutions. We believe that every situation is unique and should be approached with focus, professionalism, and respect. We seek to exceed expectations by providing a solution that each patient can be proud.

Hair Transplant & Restoration Center proudly stands behind the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s position on the commitment to a society where surgeons, not technicians, perform the surgery.

The position of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is that any procedure involving a skin incision for the purpose of tissue removal from the scalp or body, or to prepare the scalp or body to receive tissue, (e.g., incising the FUE graft, excising the donor strip, creating recipient sites) by any means, including robotics, is a surgical procedure. Such procedures must be performed by a properly trained and licensed physician (or in countries where it is allowed, a licensed allied health professional practicing within the scope of his or her license).

Physicians who perform hair restoration surgery must possess the education, training, and current competency in the field of hair restoration surgery. It is beyond the scope of practice for non-licensed personnel to perform surgery. Surgery performed by non-licensed medical personnel may be considered practicing medicine without a license under applicable law. The ISHRS supports the scope of practice of medicine as defined by a physician's state, country or local legally governing board of medicine.


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Hair Transplant & Restoration Center

125 Plantation Centre Drive South
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