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Causes of Women's Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the last things women want to think about. The prospect of women’s thinning hair can be deeply discouraging, even painful. Sadly, female hair loss is real, and while it doesn’t affect all women, it affects many. The good news is that this hair loss never has to be permanent. There are solutions available that can reverse the effects of women’s hair loss.

The first step toward finding a solution is determining the underlying cause of the hair loss. As hair loss in women is very different from hair loss in men. With men, nine out of 10 cases of hair loss are due to male pattern baldness. For women, the potential causes are far more numerous and varied.

Female pattern hair loss is one possibility. Hair loss in women may also be the result of autoimmune disorders, medical treatments, or hormonal imbalances. Nutritional issues and stress disorders can also contribute to hair loss. Finally, lifestyle factors may contribute to the loss of hair.

Surgical Procedures for Women

Patients of the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center have the rare benefit of expert surgery combined with access to all current FDA-approved treatments for women’s hair loss. Dr. Gray has the expertise to create the best outcome regardless of whether thinning is caused by a vitamin deficiency or a complex form of scarring alopecia. His artful FUT and FUE surgeries include Hair Follicle Regeneration to protect hair follicles, promote healing, and stimulate new hair growth. Dr. Gray performs every step of the harvesting and surgical design himself, so you’ll never encounter a consultant, salesperson, or less-skilled technician at HT&RC.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Women

At the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center, Dr. Gray creates personalized hair-loss treatment plans for women based on a medical, surgical, and prosthetic approaches. His common-sense solutions start with diagnosis and match proven solutions with the problems they solve. If your goal is to find no-nonsense information and unmatched comfort throughout your experience, there’s no better resource than HT&RC. Our non-surgical solutions for women’s hair loss can be combined with surgery to improve results or explored individually for their precise benefits. Dr. Gray will accompany you every step of the way, from diagnosing the cause of your hair loss to maintaining your new hair.


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