Minoxidil (Rogaine) was the first treatment to gain FDA approval for fighting men and women’s hair loss. This 5% topical foam works well for promoting new hair growth as well as sufficient developing follicles in men when applied twice a day, and women when applied once a day. It carries a low risk of side effects and clinically proven to stimulate growth. Additionally, Dr. Gray offers a prescription strength Minoxidil called Formula 82M. This prescription solution mix of Minoxidil, Retin A, and a weak steroid increases the penetration of the Minoxidil, which enhances its efficacy.

Origins of Minoxidil

Minoxidil – more widely known by the brand name Rogaine – is a tried-and-true medical option for fighting hair loss. Minoxidil was first introduced exclusively as an oral drug to treat high blood pressure, but an important side-effect of the medication was discovered: increased growth or darkening of fine body hairs. This led to the development of a topical formulation as a 2% (now 5%) concentration solution for the treatment of female androgenic alopecia or 5% for treating male androgenic alopecia.

This over-the-counter topical solution has been the number one topical therapy for androgenetic alopecia since it was FDA approved more than 20 years ago.

Minoxidil sulfate is the active metabolite which stimulates hair growth and provides other benefits of action:

  1. Increases blood flow by dilating blood vessels.
  2. Slows the biological aging of keratinocytes, or the cells located on the outermost surface of the skin. 3 Increases cells in the hair follicle responsible for follicle growth from the epidermis to produce hair fiber.
  3. Improves cell reproduction.

When applied consistently, Rogaine stimulates hair growth and reduces, slows down, or even reverses the impact of male pattern and female patterned baldness. It is also shown to increase the diameter of the individual hair shafts by over 30%.

Formula 82M

At Hair Transplant & Restoration Center, Dr. Gray is also able to offer a prescription strength Minoxidil called Formula 82M. Formula 82M is an effective prescription topical hair regrowth treatment. It’s similar to Rogaine, but it’s more powerful and does not have some of the most significant downsides that come with over-the-counter products. It comes in liquid form and is applied by a dropper directly to areas of the scalp.

How is Formula 82M different from over the counter Rogaine?

Formula 82M contains (5%) Minoxidil, Retin A or Tretinoin, and a topical steroid, which are complemented by other proprietary ingredients in a propylene glycol-free base that enhances the formula’s overall effectiveness, stability, and usability.

Retin A or Tretinoin, traditionally used by dermatologists to treat acne, partly works by keeping skin pores clear. When added to Minoxidil, studies have shown Retin A increases the absorption of Minoxidil through the skin. Hence, as a result of combining tretinoin with Minoxidil, all areas of the scalp can benefit from hair growth.

The addition of topical steroids decreases any inflammation associated with the use of minoxidil, tretinoin, or the combination of both. Also, the mixture has proven to increase effectiveness over minoxidil alone.

When Formula 82M interacts with follicles regularly, over time, it “wakes up” resting follicles and thickens otherwise thin hair.

Who should use Formula 82M?

Formula 82M, useful for men and women, is a very effective solution for slowing the rate of hair loss in patients of all ages and is especially valuable for younger patients who are not yet candidates for hair transplants.

Useful for Men

Thanks to its growth-stimulating properties, it is beneficial for fighting hereditary male pattern baldness as well as other forms of hair loss. This FDA-approved treatment enlarges the hair follicle and restarts the growth cycle, resulting in thicker hair and regrowth, and tends to achieve the most significant impact on the crown. The most significant effect can be seen in the first two years of treatment, with a potential decrease in effectiveness as time goes on. All in all, while Formula 82M won’t necessarily grow you a full head of hair on its own, but it’s a powerful tool when combined with other surgical procedures or non-surgical treatments.

Formula 82M For Women

As women age, hormones can make hair follicles miniaturize, resulting in thinner, wispier, and less resilient hair. Recent studies have also indicated that a subclinical inflammatory process causes some Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL). Prescription-strength Minoxidil restarts the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle to improve thickness and fullness.

Formula 82M: Part of Triple Therapy

Dr. Gray recommends Formula 82M as part of “Triple Therapy.” One in three women will notice that her hair is thinning, and multiple medical therapies, which are used together, create a synergism that no one treatment can achieve. Triple Therapy uses three scientifically proven treatments simultaneously to fight female pattern hair loss. The result is a solution three times more powerful than any one treatment alone. By combining Minoxidil, Help Hair Nutrients, and Low-Level Laser treatments, Triple Therapy helps women minimize thinning and regrow their natural hair quickly and painlessly.

How to get started with Formula 82M

Schedule a consultation! One of the benefits of Formula 82M treatment at HT&RC is that Dr. Gray can prescribe the medication and monitor your response, very privately. Formula 82M is made in a compounding pharmacy and mailed directly to your house, so there is no need to go to a pharmacy. Since it’s a topical form of medical hair loss treatment, Minoxidil can be used in combination with many other solutions to achieve results. When paired with laser hair treatments, for example, it can accelerate growth while the laser fights the effects of DHT. At HT&RC, Rogaine is likely to be one component in a comprehensive treatment plan and Dr. Gray can help you get the maximum impact from non-surgical treatment with Minoxidil while also planning your next steps. Contact us in our Macon, GA office space and set up an appointment. Reach out today to schedule your consultation.