Meet Dr. Gray of The Hair Transplant & Restoration Center
05 / 21 / 14

Meet Dr. Gray of The Hair Transplant & Restoration Center

Dr. Gray has spent his entire career in the medical field, practicing anesthesiology for almost 30 years before opening the Hair Transplant and Restoration Center.

The first of its kind in Middle Georgia, the Hair Transplant and Restoration Center is an innovative center for solutions to hair loss. Contact Dr. Gray today to schedule a consultation and discuss solutions for your hair loss.

What to Expect at a Consultation with Dr. Gray

Dr. Gray is dedicated to finding the solution that best fits your situation. Hair transplant surgery is not always an option for every situation; therefore, a personal consultation with Dr. Gray will always precede surgery or another treatment option. During your consultation, you and he will discuss your medical history and familial history pertaining to hair loss.

introduction to htandrc


I’m Dr. Arthur Gray and I run the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center in Macon, Georgia. We have our facility in the Spa Medical center where we have our procedure room and our consultation room.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “How did Dr. Phil’s voice get into his body?” Well, there is some advantage to that because when you come in to see me, not only will I work to identify the correct etiology of your hair loss and present a treatment plan for you, but if you need any advice, just close your eyes and imagine that Dr. Phil is talking to you.

But, in all seriousness, I think you will find that we are very personal in our approach. When you come in for a consultation you will see me, and when you come in for a procedure, I’ll be the one doing it. We offer a full range of surgical, medical treatments for you. So, I think you’ll be pleased and we hope to see you.

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