Capillus Laser Cap Therapy: Easy Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments
04 / 28 / 14

Capillus Laser Cap Therapy: Easy Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments

The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center is an authorized provider of the Capillus272 Laser Cap, one of the most convenient non-surgical hair loss treatments for battling hair loss. Low Level Laser Therapy with Capillus272 has been found to increase hair thickness and therefore hair density for both men and women.

dr gray discusses capillus laser cap for hairloss

Other Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy Include:

  • Increased speed of hair growth
  • Increased manageability of hair
  • Decreased dandruff and/or scalp itch
  • Decreased hair fallout
  • Wound healing

Laser therapy can be used alongside other methods of hair loss treatment, including topical solutions, prescription medication, and even hair transplants. Dr. Arthur Gray at the Hair Transplant and Restoration Center in Macon, Georgia, recommends it as a complement for hair transplant patients as a way to provide maintenance to the transplanted hair. The laser therapy helps keep the transplanted hair stronger, preventing it from looking thinner over time. It also aims to keep the hair surrounding the transplanted hair strong. Wearing the laser cap has been known to enhance the effect of the topical solutions.

Capillus laser cap

Straight Talk: Realistic Expectations With Laser Therapy & Other Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Using Capillus272 is not a cure for baldness and will only work as long as it is used according to instructions and during the treatment period. Hair transplant surgery is the only treatment that can permanently restore hair. Once laser therapy stops, the benefits obtained from its use will go away over the next several months. It is important to keep your expectations realistic.

Maintenance is a very important part of treatment. In any hair growth treatment, it is normal for users to have an initial period of hair shedding before they can begin to see any results. Shedding is an indicator that the treatment is working. In order to begin seeing results, we recommend following the protocol for a period of at least 6-8 months. You may be able to see additional benefits up through the year. Laser Cap Therapy has been shown to also strengthen the existing hair by increasing its diameter. This is especially helpful for women with miniaturization of their hair follicles after menopause. When the hair miniaturizes, it becomes flatter and less manageable. By reversing some of this miniaturization, the hair becomes thicker and therefore, more manageable.

Laser CapillusThe Hair Transplant and Restoration Center in Macon, Georgia, is an authorized physician center for Capillus272. The cost of the Capillus272 Laser Cap is $3,000, and includes a 5 year warranty which covers defects in materials or workmanship. Capillus272 is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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