Cesare Ragazzi Hair Prosthesis Case Study: Ashley
12 / 07 / 15

Cesare Ragazzi Hair Prosthesis Case Study: Ashley

Ashley began experiencing hair loss years ago due to an anxiety disorder called trichotillomania, which caused her to want to pull her own hair out. She had pulled on her hair so much that it began falling out, and she had bald spots on her head. As you can imagine, going from having a full head of hair to almost no hair was a horrific experience.

Her parents told her about Dr. Gray and the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center one day, so she decided to schedule a consultation. In addition to discussing her hair restoration options, Dr. Gray addressed Ashley’s vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that were contributing to her hair loss. He also told her about the Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair Prosthesis System. After talking with Dr. Gray, Ashley was sold.

Dr. Gray mapped Ashley’s scalp and created a cast production of her skull. Then, they waited for the hair restoration professionals with Cesare Ragazzi to send the completed system to Macon.

When Dr. Gray placed the system on Ashley’s scalp, “It was instant comfort. It was nice to feel it,” Ashley said. Now, Ashley loves touching her long hair and feeling it on her shoulders and back. Before the CNC system, Ashley wore head wraps to cover her hair loss. After the system, she threw all of them away.

“When you weigh the options of this versus going to purchase wigs, you in the end will be better off with the Cesare Ragazzi hair system simply because you can do everything with this hair system that you cannot do with wigs,” said Ashley. Now, Ashley can go swimming, and wash and style her hair without worrying about it. “The lifestyle you can live using the Cesare Ragazzi hair system is bottom line the best bet you can go with,” she said.

About The CNC Hair Prosthesis System

The CNC system is an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair. The prosthesis is made with natural, unprocessed hair sewn by hand onto a thin, light, and breathable base called the second scalp. The second scalp is anchored to your head using a strong medical adhesive.

If you are interested in the CNC system, contact Dr. Gray at the Hair Transplant and Restoration Center and schedule a consultation today.

Cesare Ragazzi Hair Prosthesis Case Study: Ashley