Continuous Quality Improvement and Hair Growth

Continuous Quality Improvement and Hair Growth

Hair Transplant & Restoration Center

In the medical field, for a few decades, there has been the concept of CQI or Continuous Quality Improvement process that encourages all members of the medical community to continuously ask, “How are we doing?” and “Can we do it better?” This idea has evolved over time.

Now we not only proactively try to improve quality but also on the backend we are reevaluating any situation to see if the quality of care and patient safety did indeed improve.

I have been committed for years to this endeavor in a hospital setting; it is part of the basic fabric of who I am as a physician. In my hair transplant and restoration practice, I care for my patients under this same umbrella of accountability by continuously looking for more effective hair restoration strategies and treatment plans to implement.

Changes in Centrifuge

While treating patients for the past 6-7 years using PRP, I went through three different centrifuge machines looking for the one which would give the best results. (I have written about this journey before.)

Addition of Platelet Lysate

I am not the only or first physician to state emphatically that “all PRP is not created equal,” and so next, in March of 2018, I made more changes.

I changed centrifuges again but also added a step to the process called sonication producing a final product that is most accurately called Platelet Lysate (PL). Simply put, platelet membranes are lysed, releasing a much higher level of specific growth factors than by just activating the platelet with thrombin, Calcium or trauma.

This addition of sonification to my PRP treatment has turned out to be a significant step forward in my continuous treatment advancement and reevaluation. Since March I have seen a very substantial improvement in hair growth, and furthermore, the positive results are more consistent than before the addition of sonication.

Addition of Stem Cells

In early October I attended the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) annual meeting in Los Angeles, CA. There were, as always, many lectures on various topics, and I came home ready to implement these new strategies to generate an even better outcome for my patients.

One new advancement I'm bringing to Middle Georgia utilizes another form of regenerative medicine (besides Platelet Lysate) using a patient's own follicular stem cells to stimulate hair growth.
As a standalone treatment, a few small biopsies of the patient’s own scalp are taken, and the tissue is specially processed (in the procedure room during the appointment). The processed tissue produces a physiologic cell suspension with living scalp cells 50 microns and smaller to be injected back into the scalp along with the Platelet lysate.

When used in conjunction with hair transplants to improve the outcome, this stem cell treatment entails processing the subcutaneous tissue from the scalp that is dissected away from the follicles to be reimplanted. Historically we usually discard this tissue, but now can it can be processed to capture living cells composed of Adipose Derived Stem Cells, pericytes, endotelicocytes, and preadipocytes.

Combining Regenerative Medicines

At Hair Transplant and Restoration Center, we plan to combine the Platelet Lysate, ACell with the new tissue homogenate containing follicular stem cells. This brand-new treatment sequence is a single treatment which takes place during one appointment, with results potentially lasting as long as 2-3 years.

As always my goal is Continuous Quality Improvement and I firmly believe this new treatment aligns with my consistent search for advancement that is in all of my patient's best interest. If I can be of assistance to you with your hair loss needs, please contact us at HT&RC for a consultation. 478-787-0435.

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