New Hair For the New Year: A Resolution You Can Keep for 2018

New Hair For the New Year: A Resolution You Can Keep for 2018

The days when hair loss had to be accepted as an inevitable fact of life are long behind us. If you've been resolving to do something about hair thinning or pattern baldness, HT&RC can provide the solutions to keep that resolution this year, once and for all. We offer the full spectrum of comprehensive medical and surgical treatments to stop and reverse hair loss, all tailored to suit your individual needs.

The Medical Approach to Hair Loss

Our founder, Dr. Arthur Gray is a member of the distinguished International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), a worldwide organization which sets the highest standards for physicians specializing in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Gray brings the perfect skillset for transplant surgery, a precise technique which requires extraordinary hand-eye coordination as well as an artistic eye for creating a new pleasing and natural hairline.

At HT&RC you won't talk with salesmen. You'll consult directly with Dr. Gray to determine the hair loss treatment which is best for you. An accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of your hair loss is the first step of your treatment, and Dr. Gray will advise you about the surgical or medical solutions which are best suited to your individual case.

Dr. Gray provides two surgical techniques to those whom transplant surgery is the best solution and has the utmost concern for your comfort during any surgical procedure. 

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The decision about which technique to use depends on a few factors. Both techniques are offered and performed in approximately equal numbers at HT&RC. The FUT technique is usually performed on females, and with men, both techniques are also good options, but if the man desires to wear his hair very short then the FUE technique is really the best since it will not leave a noticeable scar. 


In the FUT procedure, Dr. Gray removes a strip of scalp from the back and sides of the head from a “safe zone” where the follicular density is typically the best and the follicles are not sensitive to miniaturization from DHT. The strip is then dissected into follicular units ranging from 1-3 follicles which will then be transplanted into the desired area.  Precise incisions are made at the recipient sites and Dr. Gray meticulously arranges the grafts to create a new hairline which follows your natural pattern of hair growth. 

Also, with the FUT technique, we can accomplish a larger case in one sitting if need be.  If pricing is the main consideration for the patient, the FUT is cheaper.

Men can learn more about FUT at this link and details for women are available here.

FUE/FUE No Shave

With the FUE procedure, Dr. Gray removes individual follicular units from healthy donor areas of the scalp and transplants them one by one. This minimizes scarring and reduces recovery time. Since the transplanted follicles are naturally resistant to the DHT, these new grafts remain growing and full even if there is continued thinning of the original hair follicles on the top and front of your head.

  • The FUE No Shave procedure is an extension of the FUE technique.

Just like a regular haircut, the hair grows back in the following weeks. However, for some people cutting hair in the donor area could pose an inconvenience or reveal that they had a hair transplant. Using the FUE No Shave technique, hair is harvested from the donor area by cutting individual hair follicles with tiny scissors and then harvesting them with the small circular punches. Patients can leave the procedure with a considerable amount of confidentiality and resume normal activities even faster. FUE no shave technique is also available for women.

Full details about FUE for women are available at this link, and men can review the FUE procedure here.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Dr. Gray quickly realized that non-surgical hair loss treatments would allow HT&RC to serve more clients, and was quick to adopt new innovative hair loss therapies. After the initial consultation and diagnosis with Dr. Gray, those who aren't candidates for surgical treatment can benefit from this leading-edge hair loss solution.

  • Laser Hair Therapy - Dr. Gray is a Capillus authorized physician which allows him to use the powerful Capillus 82 Laser Cap model for laser hair treatments. This is a clinically proven and FDA approved technique for treating hair loss which gets huge results by overcoming the debilitating effects of DHT hormones and fostering a healthy follicle environment to reinvigorate natural hair growth.

Make 2018 Your New Year For New Hair

At HT&RC we have the full range of solutions to let you take charge of your hair loss. HT&RC is one of the few hair loss treatment centers offering the full range of surgical and medical restoration options.  You can consult with a highly-experienced physician to diagnose and correct the underlying causes of your hair loss. If you're ready to make 2018 your new year for new hair don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation with Dr. Gray today.