Triple Therapy for Women's Hair Loss

Triple Therapy

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Triple Therapy uses three scientifically proven treatments simultaneously to fight female pattern hair loss. The result is a solution three times more powerful than any one treatment alone. By combining Minoxidil, Help Hair Nutrients, and Low-Level Laser treatments, Triple Therapy helps women minimize thinning and regrow their natural hair quickly and painlessly. Since Triple Therapy requires a prescription, women who are interested must consult with Dr. Gray before beginning treatment.

Synergistic solutions

One third of American women can expect to experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Though most of our female patients are surprised and shocked when their hair begins to thin, we’ve been busy for years finding, testing, and improving solutions. To give our patients the best possible results, we’ve created an approach that combines three of the most advanced, symbiotic, and effective treatments available today. Each method is scientifically proven to be effective on its own. When combined, these treatments eliminate trial and error to save women both time and money during the critical time when their natural hair can still be regrown. We call this triple-threat to women’s hair loss Triple Therapy, and you can only find it at our Georgia Hair Transplant and Restoration Center.

Fighting female pattern baldness

Diffuse thinning is devastating for women. It amounts to a gradual attack on the density of your hair through the miniaturization of hair follicles. When hair starts thinning or shedding in different areas of the scalp, it’s easy to hide at first. Once fullness has been lost all over, though, hair loss becomes all too noticeable. Triple Therapy fights the effects of Female Pattern Hair Loss by lengthening the growth phase of the hair growth cycle, healing the hair and scalp, and creating the perfect conditions for regrowth. If you’re fighting Female Pattern Hair Loss, Triple Therapy’s combined approach can help your hair grow back faster and fuller than most other treatments.

Formula 82M

The first treatment involved in Triple Therapy is considered a noninvasive medical option. Dr. Gray’s prescription-strength Formula 82M is a 5% Minoxidil solution, applied as a solution to the scalp. Its effectiveness is increased by a mix of Retin A and a mild steroid that improves penetration. Once-a-day application has been scientifically proven to promote hair growth for women and to significantly reduce visible hair loss. Minoxidil works by lengthening the anagen (growth) phase, restarting the hair growth cycle, and improving the thickness of each hair shaft. It’s made even more effective by the Low-Level Laser treatments included in Triple Therapy.


Help Hair Nutrients

Minoxidil and LLT can restart hair growth, but the cycle can’t be completed unless hair follicles have proper nutrition. Help Hair is a comprehensive, physician-formulated system of products, available to anyone, that rejuvenates hair both inside and out. There are many micronutrients that are critical for hair growth, and Help Hair Vitamins deliver them all, along with the Biotin that ensures those nutrients are properly absorbed. The Help Hair Shake provides the protein and amino acids that form the building blocks of new hair. Volumizing Shampoos & Conditioners rejuvenate the hair with Green Tea Extracts and caffeine from the outside while Help Hair nutrients go to work within the body. When used in conjunction, Help Hair Vitamins, Shakes, and physician-formulated at-home products ensure that your hair has all the nutrition support needed for healthier, richer, more vibrant fullness with more luster and shine.


Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Low-Level Laser Therapy alone has achieved remarkable regrowth results for thousands of women over the past decade. When combined with Minoxidil and Help Hair, the anagen lengthening, follicle-nourishing, and scalp-conditioning benefits of therapeutic laser light are optimized. Dr. Gray has evaluated all the in-office and at-home laser options on the market and chosen the Capillus82 Laser Cap as the exclusive laser treatment option at HT&RC. This convenient cap can be used discreetly just about anywhere. It packs 82 powerful laser diodes into an easy-to-use and affordable option.


A state-of-the-art treatment system

The best thing about Triple Therapy is that it gives women the benefits of all three of these powerful, scientifically proven hair-loss solutions simultaneously. The next best thing, though, is that none of these methods are new. Each scientifically proven component of Triple Therapy has been thoroughly researched, tested, and improved over several years. These aren’t entry-level options. They’re the most sophisticated ways to support your body’s natural hair-growth process and combat the forces at work in female pattern hair loss.

Only at HT&RC

If you’re considering comprehensive options like Triple Therapy, you’re at the point of getting serious about fighting hair loss. Your best chance at success is to gain the perspective of a specialist, choose your treatments strategically, and measure results to make sure you’re using the most effective treatment options available.

While all hair-loss treatments are most effective when conditions are diagnosed and treatments are monitored by a hair-restoration specialist, Triple Therapy actually requires physician involvement. Since Formula 82M requires a prescription, Triple Therapy can only be administered based on a conversation or a hair-and-scalp analysis with Dr. Gray. Whether you’ve been delighted or disappointed by a hair-restoration treatment in the past, Triple Therapy could provide new hope for regrowing your hair. Connect with Dr. Gray today to find out its potential for you.

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