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As an exclusive Cesare Ragazzi certified practice, we have the honor of giving our patients access to CRLab hair treatments created by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. These take-home formulas, developed in Italy, are unlike any products previously available in the United States. Used in addition to regular shampoos and conditioners, CRLab treatments exfoliate the scalp, balance moisture, protect the hair, and promote growth. If the quality of your hair has been suffering, CR Labs treatments will address your issue once and for all. The products, clinically formulated based on trichology, are sulfate-free and made with essential oils and minerals.

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories is known around the world for its revolutionary CNC custom prosthesis system. Its research-driven innovations, however, extend beyond that single solution. As our region’s exclusive Cesare Ragazzi provider, the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center is also able to offer powerful at-home CRLab hair treatments to our patients.



Treatment lines available

CRLabs Green LineGreen Line: Promotes hair growth while remaining safe for use on all types of skin

Utilizes cleansing, prevention, and restoring elements through the application of essential oils and plant stem cells to deliver volume, strength, and life to thin hair

  • Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, sage, marigold reactivate blood microcirculation, bringing new nourishment to the hair bulb, and contain properties for promoting hair growth.
  • Plant Stem Cells: Apple plant stem cells, rich in antioxidant agents thoroughly stimulate cellular regrowth and boost the life of the hair bulb.

CRLabs Yellow LineYellow Line: Restores excess scalp sebum levels to treat oily hair

Utilizes essential oils, plant extracts and plant stem cells to purify the skin, reduce oil or sebum production, while nourishing and restructuring the scalp.

  • Essential Oils: Cinnamon and ylang-ylang give new energy to the scalp.
  • Nutritive plant extracts: Jojoba is similar to our natural sebum. Avocado extract controls sebum production, and mushroom extracts help get rid of excess sebum.
  • Plant stem cells: Edelweiss plant stem cells have potent rebalancing and regenerating properties.

CRLabs Purple LinePurple Line: Restores insufficient scalp sebum levels to treat dry, brittle hair

Utilizes essential oils and plant stem cells to rehydrate, soothe, and nourish a dry, irritated scalp.

  • Also, phenomenal for providing moisture to processed hair after highlighting or color treatments, maintaining its health.
  • Essential Oils: Juniper, bitter orange, rosewood, and mint essential oils reinforce hydration, as well as provide powerful soothing, and anti-redness properties.
  • Plant Stem Cells: Rhododendron has high regenerating properties and gives nourishment to hair and the scalp.

Protecting your natural hair

Much of Dr. Gray’s work at our practice is aimed at addressing hair loss specifically. CRLab treatment lines bring our solutions full-circle by addressing the care and protection of scalp and hair that’s still unaffected by hair loss.

Proactive trichology

Cesare Ragazzi has devoted an enormous wealth of resources to advancing the science of Trichology, the study of hair and scalp disorders. CRLab products are formulated to fortify the hair and scalp such that the hair is even more healthy and manageable. The CRLab formulas are used in series, meaning that the proper course of treatment is identified, and then several complementary products are used in succession. Treatments from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories don’t replace your normal hair-care products. They’re used twice a week to supplement regular cleansing and styling products. Formulated with essential oils, essential minerals, and plant stem cells, they’re also sulfate-free.

CRLab products…

  • Exfoliate the scalp
  • Reduce harmful bacteria
  • Prevent free-radical damage
  • Balance moisture in the hair and scalp
  • Maintain proper sebum levels
  • Promote new hair growth
  • Improve hair health and appearance
  • Protect hair and scalp from sun damage

CRLab at the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center

Dr. Gray wants the very best for every patient, and achieving that involves at-home care between treatments. CRLab hair-care lines resolve issues that other treatments cannot. They’re also far more effective, affordable, and convenient than intensive treatments available at salons. CRLab at the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center eliminates guess-work and unnecessary expense by delivering precisely targeted benefits. When Dr. Gray recommends a course of treatment with CRLab, you can be confident that your treatments will address the conditions at the root of your hair problem.

To explore how CRLab’s variety of product lines can help your hair, schedule your consultation at the Hair Transplant & Restoration center. Just give us a call!

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