Sharon, 30, Macon, GA

  • Sharon was biopsy diagnosed with LPP or Lichen planopilaris. Her personal treatment plan involved multiple steroid injections to stop further hair loss from LPP.
Unique Hair Concepts

“I was very nervous about having the steroid injection because of all the negative comments I had read online. However, it was nothing like I expected. Dr. Gray did an outstanding job throughout the entire procedure. He was very gentle and he was constantly asking me, if I was okay. I had one sore spot in my head for a few days but I rubbed some antibiotic ointment on it and I was fine. I highly recommend Dr. Gray to anyone contemplating steroid injections!”

Ashley, 34, Perry, GA

  • Ashley’s hair loss was very individual as a result from trichotillomania. She was a candidate for various medical treatment options, but once we introduced her to our CNC hair system, her decision was made. We are so glad she found us!
Unique Hair Concepts

“My biggest fear before contacting HT&RC was that I would be told there was nothing that could be done to help my situation involving my hair loss. That fear did not come true though and I was instead told that I actually had many different choices and ways to go about helping the situation that involved my hair loss.

What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Gray was the total comfort and understanding that I felt during my very first appointment. I immediately felt comfortable with both Dr. Gray and his nurse and felt as though he completely understand my situation regarding my hair loss, that was significant to me personally because the case involving my specific problem with hair loss was quite different from others. He was very knowledgeable as well which gave me great confidence that he would be able to help me. I left my first appointment with Dr. Gray with more information and answers than I believe I would have found anywhere else.

I would tell anyone seeking help for hair loss to definitely go see Dr. Gray for many reasons! One being because most people dealing with the issue of hair loss are most likely embarrassed a bit about it, but after seeing and speaking with Dr. Gray those feelings seem to subside. I believe that is because of his great ability to make you feel comfortable, understood and hopeful that he will and can help you with whatever your situation may be. For someone dealing with hair loss those things are very important and his wealth of knowledge is incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Gray to someone, he changed my life in a way that I will forever be thankful!”

Susan, 60, Macon, GA

  • Susan originally came to HT&RC with thin hair from FPHL​, and was interested in surgical treatment. Although she was not a candidate for restoring her hair through transplant surgery, we presented other possible options to help achieve her goals. She chose a custom hair prosthesis CNC system, and it has completely changed her look, and attitude towards life!
Unique Hair Concepts

“My biggest fear before contacting HT&RC was that I wouldn't be a good candidate for a hair transplant, and that was the case. However, I was presented with a variety of other treatments that were available. I am very pleased with the option [CNC hair system] I chose!

It was a real pleasure working with Dr. Gray! He is knowledgeable about different treatments for hair loss. He is warm, compassionate, and genuinely concerned about finding the right solution for your hair loss problem. This warmth and compassion also make it easy to talk to him about what is for many a very touchy and personal subject. If you are considering any type of hair loss procedure/treatment I would highly recommend Dr. Gray!”

David, 32, Warner Robins, GA

  • David began losing hair early in his 20s. He wanted to fill in hair both on and behind his hairline. We transplanted 1500 grafts using the FUE method.
Unique Hair Concepts

“What I appreciated the most about working with Dr. Gray was that he very nice, pleasant, and earnest about the procedure. He also explained everything very well and was up front and honest about results. I would say he did a good job, the team he had was very good, and he is honest and upfront about the procedure.”

Brad, 46, Williamsburg, VA

  • Brad had 10 previous transplants at other facilities, and wanted to recreate his hairline. We transplanted 1500 grafts using the FUE method.
Unique Hair Concepts

“I feel that this [hair transplant] experience is probably the best [compared to 10 other hair transplants in past] because there is such attention to detail, and no one was in a hurry and made sure everything was done right, and the overall treatment here was just wonderful.”

Raza, 44, Atlanta, GA

  • Raza had a Norwood III hair loss pattern, and wanted to fill in the front and vertex of his scalp. We transplanted 2000 grafts using the FUE method.
Unique Hair Concepts

"Perfect...it [hair transplant experience] greatly exceeded all my expectations."

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Latest news

  • September 18, 2017
    Alopecia Awareness Month: Trichotillomania

    This September, let's increase awareness of a specific type of alopecia, Trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is an obsessive compulsive disorder that causes people to pull out their own hair.  At the root of an obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions) and behaviors that drive them to do something over and over (compulsions).  Often the person carries out the behaviors to get rid of the obsessive thoughts. This disorder often begins in childhood, commonly affects women more than men, and is estimated to affect 1 - 4% of the population. It is also estimated that as many as 2.5 million Americans experience trichotillomania at some point in their lifetimes.

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