Styling for CNC Systems

Styling for CNC Systems

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The perfect local partnership

outside front of Signature Salon brick buildingTo get advice, understanding, and specialized care, as well as ensure our styling resources are just as high quality as the CNC system, you’ll need a stylist with extensive training. This is why we have created a partnership and work in tandem with the remarkably talented stylist, Nichole Brewer, owner of Signature Salon.

Specialized hair styling

Nichole stood out to us as Macon’s most trusted high-end stylist and runs a cutting-edge salon known for its personal service, convenient location, and respect for client privacy. She was formally instructed by Cesare Ragazzi to work with CNC Systems, including cut and color. Nichole operates with her assistants Tara and Whitney, to apply, maintain, and style each system.

After a CNC System is created in Italy, shipped back to Macon, it is applied and styled at Signature Salon. Nichole’s intensive training direct from Cesare Ragazzi ensures that she’ll be able to help you achieve your signature style, care for your system at home, and sustain the health of your scalp and system over time. After your hair system is applied and in place, you will then continually return to Signature Salon for maintenance. Maintenance is a required thorough cleansing process every Cesare Ragazzi clinic performs so the health of your scalp and system will never be compromised. You’ll soon be as excited about your style as you are to get your new hair when you visit Nichole’s Salon.

Nichole Mitchell, owner of Signature Salon standing in front of lights in her salon
Nichole Brewer
smiling portrait of Tara Evans standing in Signature Salon
Tara Evans
smiling portrait of Whitney Rhoades standing in Signature Salon
Whitney Rhoades

The only Cesare Ragazzi CNC resource you need

Ours was the first practice in the Southeast United States to offer Cesare Ragazzi solutions, and we’re still Georgia’s only resource for CNC and CRLab. Our styling partnership is just one of the ways we deliver the Cesare Ragazzi CNC System at the level of quality it deserves. If you’re looking for a Cesare Ragazzi resource, call our practice. You can talk directly with Dr. Gray to find out if a custom CNC system is a good option for your type of hair loss. If it is, we’ll plan an in-person consultation where you can uncover all the potential for your new hair. Give us a call today.

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