Low-Level Laser Therapy for Men's Hair Loss

Low-Level Laser Therapy

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Alone or in combination with surgery, Low-Level Laser Therapy gets huge results for men with the right hair conditions. Dr. Gray is an authorized Capillus physician who is able to offer the powerful and discreet Capillus82 Laser Cap at an incredibly affordable price. This powerful FDA-approved model diminishes the potential for user error while maximizing convenience. Whether your growing hair is still actively growing or DHT-resistant follicles have been moved in a transplant, laser therapy can make your hair grow in faster and thicker. It also promotes healing and stimulates new growth after a hair transplant procedure.

Low-Level Laser Therapy is one of the few non-surgical solutions clinically proven and FDA approved to treat men’s hair loss. At HT&RC, Dr. Gray uses this treatment to overcome the effects of DHT, stimulate hair growth, and improve the impact of surgical procedures for good candidates. As an authorized Capillus physician, he is able to give his patients convenient at-home access to this powerful treatment method. The first step toward success with Laser Therapy is to diagnose the root cause of hair loss, so schedule a consultation with Dr. Gray as early as possible after thinning begins.

How laser therapy helps hair grow

Capillus Laser Therapy Cap for MenThe key to understanding laser therapy is to take into account that you can’t naturally grow hair where there are no active follicles. That’s why men with advanced hair loss won’t benefit from laser therapy unless they’ve undergone a surgical restoration. When applied to follicles that are still growing, or that have been transplanted from an area unaffected by hair loss, laser therapy restarts the growth cycle, accelerates cell division, and increases the thickness of the hair shaft.

Laser therapy uses the energy of the diodes which is imparted to the cellular mitochondria. This stimulates the hair cellular growth and thus helps reverse the effects of miniaturization. It’s a 100% safe and painless treatment that extends the hair’s growth cycle, preventing follicles from going into the resting phase in which they stop growing. The cool laser light heals cell damage, resolves scalp problems, and stimulates new hair growth. By improving the size, thickness, and health of hair follicles, laser therapy enhances the quality of your growing hair. In technical terms, LLLT uses infrared light from laser diodes to stimulate wound healing, mitochondrial DNA, and cytokine secretion.

Powerful treatment combinations

If Dr. Gray finds that the cause of your hair loss will respond well to laser therapy, he will likely consider a combination of solutions. LLLT can compound the hair-growth effects of Minoxidil, or can stimulate new growth while Propecia blocks the production of DHT. After an FUE or FUT hair-transplant procedure, laser therapy promotes healing and improves blood flow in the scalp. These benefits can help prevent scarring and improve the outcome of surgery.

The proof is in the photos 

Laser Hair TherapySince it works on biological processes, laser hair therapy should always be supervised by a medical professional. At the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center, measurement and imaging by Dr. Gray are keys to successful laser therapy. Photos are taken and the characteristics of hair are documented in the initial consultation. As time passes, progress is monitored and treatment plans are adjusted to ensure you’re getting the results you expect. If laser therapy should fail to achieve the results you’re looking for, Dr. Gray will help you change your course to minimize lost time. You won’t have to count on your friends to tell you the truth about whether your hair looks fuller after laser therapy. Definitive proof comes standard with Laser Hair Therapy at the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center.

To find out definitively whether laser therapy could help you fight hair loss or improve the results of another treatment, call to discuss your options with Dr. Gray.

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