Susan Shares Her Cesare Ragazzi Testimonial
01 / 23 / 15

Susan Shares Her Cesare Ragazzi Testimonial

Like many other women, Susan’s battle with hair loss began in her mid-thirties. Her thinning hair made her feel self-conscious and when it began to keep her from activities she loved to do, she knew she had to take action. When she learned about Dr. Gray at the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center and the CNC Hair Prosthesis System, she was thrilled that she could once again have the thick, full hair she once had, and still do all of the activities she loved without worry.

We invite you to watch her brief Cesare Ragazzi testimonial below.

ht&rc susan testimonial

Transcript – Cesare Ragazzi Testimonial

I first heard about HT&RC and Dr. Gray when I was researching on the web for options for hair loss. There were a few sites around, and I noticed he was right here in Macon. I’m fairly new to the Macon area, and I didn’t realize we had a hair transplant surgeon here.

My battle with hair loss began in my mid to late 30’s, and it just gradually started getting thinner. By my mid-forties, I was having to use all kinds of thickening products, including the fibers. And even though those are great products, and I’m thankful to have found them, I never really felt confident to go on the boat on the lake, or go swimming, or when it rained I was worried about raindrops hitting the top of my head, and all of a sudden there was this shiny white spot where the fibers and all had melted away.

Dr. Gray went over different options that I might have, and he also told me that he had heard about this new system, the Cesare Regazzi System, and he was really excited about it, and about the options that it gives somebody with hair loss. When they started to place the system on me, the first time it felt strange; I was a little concerned about them gluing it down to what hair I had left on top. Once it was on, it caused no problems. It doesn’t hurt or pull.

I think the best part is that it feels so secure. I don’t have to worry about it possibly coming off like I did with a wig. It was just so thick and full and shiny, and I felt like a different person. I didn’t feel like I was me. But just to have so much hair, it was just an incredible feeling. And that I could go out without worrying about my scalp showing through, and I didn’t have to worry anymore about it getting wet and the fibers running or dripping down my face. It was just a really exhilarating and freeing feeling.

I would absolutely recommend the Cesare Regazzi system and Dr. Gray highly. He is just so caring about your struggle with hair loss and tries to fit you with the best option for you. Anytime (I think a woman in particular) loses her hair it’s really devastating and with this I feel so much more confident. And it’s been fun! I can now pull it back in a ponytail, or put it up in a twist or experiment with different styles.

It’s easy to manage, I’ve washed it, blown it dry. It takes longer because it’s much thicker than my hair. But other than that, it styles great, everybody really likes it, and I’ve received compliments from strangers. It’s just an awesome feeling.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your Cesare Ragazzi testimonial.

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