Medical Treatments For Hair Loss
09 / 26 / 14

Medical Treatments For Hair Loss

At the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center, we are proud to offer a variety of treatment options for attacking your hair thinning or alopecia (hair loss). There are basically two types of treatment for hair loss – medical and surgical.

The medical treatments for hair loss are non-surgical and therefore require less financial commitment up front. However, these options only work as you continue to use them. Once you stop using the medical treatments for hair loss, your hair will begin to revert back to its thinner, miniaturized condition.

Medical Treatments For Hair Loss:

hair loss medical treatment overview


The different treatment options we can offer you at our Hair Transplant & Restoration Center include both medical and surgical options.

On the medical side there are basically four. The thing about the medical treatment is that once you get benefit from the treatment (which could take about 6-8 months), if you get tired of using the medical treatment 5 years down the road, then the benefit you obtained is going to go away and the hair will revert back to the way it would’ve been as if you’d never used the treatment.

So, with any of these treatments I talk about, it’s something you would make a commitment to – to try to preserve the hair you’ve got and hopefully reverse some of that miniaturization so that your hair is thicker, denser, and more manageable.

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