Get Rid of Greasy Hair For Good
09 / 02 / 15

Get Rid of Greasy Hair For Good

Whether your hair is extra oily from seasonal sweat, or you’re always fighting the battle with greasy hair, Hair Transplant & Restoration Center is excited. Why be excited about oily hair? We can immediately help you kick that extra grease goodbye with science-based scalp treatments. HT&RC now carries a complete range of products from Italian company CR Lab, treating scalps suffering from excess sebum, dryness, and hair loss.

Yellow Line Fights Greasy Hair

The treatment for oily scalps was created by researching excess scalp sebum, determining its cause, and then formulating the best solution of certain essential oils and plant stem cells. The result is a phenomenal series of products used at home, twice a week, for two months. This oil fighting “yellow line” treatment is for the scalp and not in competition with your current hair styling routine. We are simply providing you with the tools to create a base for healthy hair.

Using Products At Home

Two very beneficial products to highlight from the complete series are the pre-shampoo and shampoo. Twice a week before showering, massage a small amount of pre-shampoo directly and evenly onto your scalp. The pre-shampoo consists of micro-pearls containing essential oils and plant stem cells. Massaging breaks up these micro-pearls, exfoliating your scalp in preparation to absorb the nutrients from the shampoo.

After massaging in the pre-shampoo, leave it on for about 10 minutes, and then hop in the shower. There is NO need to rinse out the pre-shampoo. Instead, simply shampoo like normal, rinse, and follow with your routine conditioning products. That’s it! There are NO products to spread through washed wet hair, leave in, and then rinse out.

Next Steps

For oily hair, use the yellow line pre-shampoo and shampoo about twice a week for two months. You should start to see results quickly. At the end of two months, re-assess the health of your scalp and hair. We provide scalp checks by utilizing new technology measuring different scalp oil levels as well as taking magnified scalp images for visual evaluation. Contact HT&RC for your consulation.