FUE for Men: Consider Follicular Unit Extraction Before a Lifetime of Shaving Your Head
02 / 08 / 18

FUE for Men: Consider Follicular Unit Extraction Before a Lifetime of Shaving Your Head

Many men experiencing hair loss eventually seem to arrive at a similar fork in the road. Should they figure out their medical treatment options, or shave their head and "own it" because they already have short hair and assume all transplants will leave behind a linear scar?

Some men do opt to shave their head, which is their choice, but for those who are not comfortable with this hairstyle, the good news is that we offer an alternative hair transplant procedure, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), virtually eliminating any linear scar concerns.


The majority of hair transplant procedures performed by HT&RC's Dr. Arthur Gray are FUE transplants. This more meticulous procedure differs from the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique by the manner in which healthy hair follicles are harvested. In FUT cases, follicles are removed from a donor strip taken from the back of the head.

In the FUE procedure, Dr. Gray meticulously harvests individual follicles from the donor area with tiny punches to remove follicles from the surrounding area to minimize scarring. Each follicle is transplanted one-by-one, into the recipient sites that have been created by Dr Gray.

Dr. Gray also offers a FUE No Shave removal method which is an extension of the FUE technique. Typical FUE procedures require buzzing the back of the head, with a zero guard clipper, where grafts are extracted. Just like a regular haircut, the hair grows back in the following weeks. However, for some people cutting hair in the donor area could pose an inconvenience or reveal that they had a hair transplant. Using the FUE No Shave technique, hair is harvested from the donor area by cutting individual hair follicles with tiny scissors and then harvesting them with the small circular punches. Patients can leave the procedure with a considerable amount of confidentiality and resume normal activities even faster.

No matter the harvesting method, placing the follicles individually and orienting each one to integrate smoothly with the natural direction of growth as well as enhancing and rebuilding the hairline is what makes Dr Gray’s transplants look so natural. Donor sites are just 1 mm or less in size and heal completely within seven to ten days. AT HT&RC we go beyond surgery, providing the latest treatments to enhance natural growth and healing, included with every surgical procedure.

The Medical Approach at HT&RC

HT&RC takes the medical approach to providing hair restoration for all causes of hair loss. We understand that each case is unique, and we offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical hair loss solutions for men and women seeking to resolve their hair loss once and for all.

Our medical approach begins with the initial consultation for accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of your hair loss. We offer more than just hair transplant procedures, prioritizing treatment of hair loss disorders and hair loss prevention. Dr. Gray consults with each patient himself and takes the time to assess each individual case to recommend the most suitable hair loss treatments for the best results.

Before You Shave Your Head...

If you're not absolutely confident that shaving your head is the best way to resolve your hair loss, the best thing you can do is to come in to see Dr. Gray for a consultation. At HT&RC our medical approach can offer you surgical and non-surgical options to treat genetic baldness, hair shedding, scarring alopecias, and the most complex cases of hair loss. Before you resort to a lifetime of shaving your head, contact us for a consultation.