Dr. Gray Visits the Cesare Ragazzi Lab in Italy
04 / 24 / 15

Dr. Gray Visits the Cesare Ragazzi Lab in Italy

Dr. Arthur Gray traveled to Bologna, Italy in January 2015 to visit the Cesare Ragazzi Lab and see first-hand how each CNC Hair System is created. We invite you to watch his tour of the lab to discover more about the exciting, innovative hair replacement system that is made with natural, unprocessed hair and blends perfectly and seamlessly with both your hair thickness and color.

Three women have already experienced the life-changing results from wearing the Cesare Ragazzi Hair System. Watch their video testimonials here to see for yourself.

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Cesare Ragazzi Lab Visit – Transcript

I am Dr. Gray and I am here in Bologna, Italy at the Cesare Ragazzi Lab. I wanted to come and see how the CNC Hair Systems were made.

Here at the Cesare Ragazzi Lab, they employ their own chemists. This is important because as they mix the polymer it has many ingredients and they have to mix these to exact specifications. I wanted to show you that one of the ingredients is the element silver. This is very important because it has great bacterial-static properties, and these systems are worn from 5 to 6 weeks at a time, and this helps prevent a lot of growth of bacteria while the system is being worn.

Not only is the polymer tested by a spectrophotometer, but also any of the trichological supplies and products that are made by an outside source according to the CR Lab specifications. Any time a new lot comes in, they will also test each lot with a spectrophotometer to make sure that it has high quality control before they will ship that lot out to the public.

There are many exciting and unique aspects to the production of any CNC hair system. They’re all unique, but one of the things to begin with is the fact that all of the hair that is chosen must be natural, never having had dye or any harsh products applied to it, or else it is refused from the production process. At this station you can see that we take hair at different shades and it is blended together to exactly match the shade of the client’s hair without using any dye. This is the client’s hair and it is being exactly matched and blended to the color that we want.

Well if you hadn’t already noticed, each CNC hair system is made by hand, one at a time to exact specifications for each patient or client. I am particularly interested in this station because it involves placing each hair into the base of a membrane one at a time. This is exactly what we do in a hair transplant where we place hair at very specific angles depending on what part of the head we are transplanting. You can see at this station that she is doing exactly that. Each hair is placed one at a time and you’ll see as a close up the area that she is covering. You’ll even see the whirl that is created as we would recreate the whirl on the crown of a head. This looks totally natural when it is completed.

I have already talked about the fact that quality control is of the highest importance in the development of every CNC Hair System. But not only that, attention to detail is just as important. At this particular station of development, the importance is placed on the color of the polymer matching the scalp to the exact tone and quality so that when it is painted on in multiple layers, you will not be able to tell the difference from the patient’s own scalp color and the color from the CNC System.

I recognized early on as a hair transplant surgeon that a transplant is not the solution for all of my patients. I’ve got a female in her late 50’s with a Ludwig 3 hair pattern, and a hair transplant was not going to give her the volume that she needed. So, I introduced her to the CNC Hair System. She is now wearing that with a great volume of hair on her head. She is very happy, and gets many compliments, even from strangers.

Another is a 30 year old female who has trichotillomania. She had been through all types of counseling and wore a tight scarf around her head because of embarrassment. She too is now wearing a CNC System, and is out in the public and leading a full life.

And the third is a young lady who has undergone some neurosurgery, and because they had to cut the hair on her head she needed a hair system to allow her natural hair to grow back. She also is very pleased with this hair system.

So, I wanted to come and see how these hair systems were made, and it is truly impressive to see each step that these systems go through and the production process. They’re all hand-made, there is great attention to detail, and there is great quality control. So, I am very pleased to recommend this system to any of my patients who require things that a hair transplant or medical therapy could not solve.

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