Dr. Gray Answers Your Questions About Rogaine & Propecia
03 / 31 / 15

Dr. Gray Answers Your Questions About Rogaine & Propecia

Questions About Rogaine

  • Does Rogaine work?
  • Who can actually benefit from it?
  • How often should I use Rogaine?

use of rogaine for hair loss

Rogaine has been around for years. It’s time tested and it works, but you have to use it. It comes in a 5% solution which newly has been recommended to be used in both men and women twice a day. It comes as a foam and a solution.

Questions About Propecia

  • Does Propecia work?
  • Is Propecia safe for women?
  • How does Propecia stabilize hair loss?

use of propecia for hair loss

Propecia is a one-milligram tablet which can only be used for men. Women of a child bearing age are warned not to use propecia because it can cause birth defects in male babies. It’s used in men once a day, it’s been around for years, and it does stabilize hair loss and promote hair growth.

With many of these hair loss treatments, we think we know how they work, but we’re not totally sure. However, with finasteride (propecia), we know why it works, especially in men, because the culprit for us is the dihydrotestosterone or DHT. That is a break down product of testosterone and the finasteride blocks the testosterone from being converted to the DHT. So, there is not as much DHT circulating to sensitize the hair follicles.

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