Did You Know? 5 Common Hair Loss Myths That Aren
08 / 21 / 18

Did You Know? 5 Common Hair Loss Myths That Aren't True

For many people, hair loss is just a fact of life. People tend to speculate on what causes hair loss, which leads to a lot of misinformation. Misinformation is harmful because it misguides people on what to actually do about their hair loss. Here, we have some of the most common myths about hair loss.

1. Hair Loss Is Strictly Caused By Aging

While your likelihood of hair loss does increase as you age, aging alone does not cause hair loss. Some people will notice hair loss in their 30s, 20s, or even teenage years. The earlier in life that hair loss begins, the more severe it will become over time. Fortunately, there are modern advancements that can help with hair loss at any age.

2. Wearing A Hat Can Cause Hair Loss

The only time that hats could potentially cause hair loss is when you are wearing one at all times. Infrequent hat wearing won't cause any loss. To play it safe, be sure to always practice good hair hygiene and avoid hats that fit too snug. If you are ever worried about a hat causing hair loss, go get a hair and scalp evaluation.

3. Hairspray And Gel Can Cause Hair Loss

Contrary to popular belief, hairspray and gel will not cause hair loss. In fact, dandruff, shampoos, frequent washing, and most hairstyles won't cause it either. The only time a hairstyle can cause permanent hair loss is when it is pulled back tightly with continuous traction. When you notice your hair shedding or thinning, it is actually due to a problem in your hair or scalp. Once you start to notice a problem, be sure to protect your hair from damaging treatments and schedule an appointment with your local hair loss specialist to pinpoint and fix the problem.

4. Blocked Follicles Cause Hair Loss

Clogged or blocked follicles are never the cause of hair loss. Companies will try to claim this in order to sell products, but they are being completely dishonest. Don't fall for this common myth.

5. You Can Only Get Advanced Hair Restoration Treatments In Foreign Countries

This is a complete myth. Many of the world's best hair restoration professionals are from the United States and have practices here. You don't have to travel far to get hair restoration treatments. With that being said, there have been overseas researchers that have developed effective hair loss fighting techniques. We are always delighted to share these techniques with our valued clients.

Hair Loss Solutions At HT&RC

Hair loss can be caused by many different conditions, but one thing each condition has in common is each one involves hair follicle health. Fortunately, HT&RC offers hair loss solutions, both surgical and non-surgical. A common treatment is advanced laser therapy. Both of these treatments highly promote optimal follicle health and healing.

Dr. Gray absolutely excels at two surgical techniques, follicular unit transplants, and follicular unit extractions. Before you receive treatment, you will meet with Dr. Gray so he can assess your situation and determine if a surgical or non-surgical solution is best for you. If you aren't a candidate for a successful surgical treatment, you should know HT&RC is Georgia's only resource for the world-known Cesare Ragazzi CNC hair replacement system.

If you want the best hair restoration treatment, HT&RC is the place for you. Dr. Gray has over 30 years of experience as an anesthesiologist, so you know your experience with him will be painless and stress-free. You don't have to live with hair loss, contact us at HT&RC for a consultation and get started today!