CNC Hair Prosthesis Case Study: Susan
11 / 19 / 15

CNC Hair Prosthesis Case Study: Susan

Susan began losing her hair in her mid-30s. By her 40s, she was using several products, but nothing gave her back the confidence she had lost. While researching options for hair restoration, she found the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center and Dr. Arthur Gray.

When she met with Dr. Gray, he went over several options, including the Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair Prosthesis System. This is the solution Susan and Dr. Gray chose to remedy her hair loss. After mapping her scalp and creating a cast production of her skull, Susan and Dr. Gray waited for Cesare Ragazzi to send the system to Macon.

“When they started to place the system on me the first time it felt strange,” Susan said. “I was a little concerned about them gluing it down.”

Once the system was on her head, Susan realized it was comfortable—it doesn’t pull and it feels secure. “It was just so thick and full and shiny, and I felt like a different person,” said Susan. Now, Susan doesn’t have to worry about her scalp showing through when it rains or when she swims. She can live a completely normal and active lifestyle. She even visits her hair stylist and regularly washes and blow dries her hair.

“Anytime a woman in particular loses her hair it’s really devastating. With this I feel so much more confident,” said Susan. “I’ve received compliments from strangers. It’s just an awesome feeling.”

About The CNC Hair Prosthesis System

The CNC system is an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair. The prosthesis is made with natural, unprocessed hair sewn by hand onto a thin, light, and breathable base called the second scalp. The second scalp is anchored to your scalp using a strong medical adhesive.

If you are interested in the CNC system, contact Dr. Gray at the Hair Transplant and Restoration Center and schedule a consultation today.

CNC Hair Prosthesis Case Study: Susan