Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair System
12 / 20 / 15

Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair System: How Does It Work?

The Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair Prosthesis System is an innovative and precise way to give you the thick, full head of hair you have been dreaming of. If you’re interested in the system, but aren’t sure how it works, learn about the five steps of creating the system below. Then, schedule a consultation at the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center to discuss your options with Dr. Gray.

Step 1: Scalp Mapping & Cast Production

Dr. Gray will map your scalp to determine the growth patterns of your hair. Then, he creates a 3D mold of your scalp that is an exact replica of your head. This ensures the system fits like a glove. The mold is sent to Italy where it is copied by a sensor that takes precise measurements. Those measurements are used to create a virtual image of your scalp. A 3D printer then prints a replica of your head and draws an outline of the system on the replica to indicate the exact area the system will cover.

Step 2: Mixing Polymer For The Flexible Base Membrane

In the Cesare Ragazzi Lab, chemists and pharmacologists mix together the ingredients that make up the polymer that is the base membrane . One of the ingredients is silver, which has strong anti-bacterial properties. The ingredients are combined in precise proportions into a mixing vat, after which the polymer is examined for quality control.

Step 3: Matching Your Scalp Color

The specialists at Cesare Ragazzi combine various pigments to match your exact scalp color, creating the most natural-looking hair system possible. The pigment polymer is then painted onto the rest of the base membrane.

Step 4: Matching The Color Of Your Hair

Dr. Gray sends a sample of your hair to Italy, where your hair color is exactly matched to the natural, unprocessed hair in the system. Multiple colors and shades are used to achieve a rich hair color with beautiful depth that matches your unique shade. Because the hair is healthy and high-quality, it is strong enough to last for a long time.

Step 5: Placing Hair Into The System

Each CNC hair system is made by hand one at a time. The individual hairs are placed one by one into the membrane at specific angles to match your unique hair growth pattern. The system looks completely natural once completed. Then, a hair specialist at Cesare Ragazzi punches very small holes into the membrane to make it breathable.

When the completed system is sent back to the Hair Transplant & Restoration Center, Dr. Gray uses an adhesive to attach it to your head and you can live a completely normal and active lifestyle with no compromises.

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