All About Eyebrow Restoration
10 / 28 / 15

All About Eyebrow Restoration

At Hair Transplant and Restoration Center, we talk a lot about restoring the hair on your head—but what about the hair on your eyebrows? You may be surprised to know that we perform eyebrow restorations with the same care and precision as hair restorations. If you want fuller, more visible eyebrows, keep reading to learn how HT&RC can help you.

Who Can Receive Eyebrow Restoration?

Dr. Gray will determine if you are a candidate for eyebrow restoration surgery. In the past, burn victims and individuals with conditions preventing hair from growing on their eyebrows have benefitted from eyebrow restoration. In addition, those with thin or sparse eyebrow hairs regain confidence after undergoing eyebrow restoration as a cosmetic procedure.

How Does It Work?

Eyebrow restoration is usually performed by follicular unit transplant (FUT), a method of restoring scalp hair. Hairs are taken from the scalp and transplanted one by one into the eyebrows. It is important that a certified hair restoration physician performs this procedure, as each hair must be transplanted to mimic the natural growth patterns of your eyebrows.

Local anesthesia will ensure that the process is painless, and FUT produces natural results. Also, your eyebrows should grow for a lifetime after surgery.

Eyebrow Restoration From HT&RC

HT&RC offers personalized treatment options for people struggling with hair and eyebrow loss. Dr. Gray stays on the cutting edge of technology and procedures, seeking to offer effective solutions. Dr. Gray is a certified hair restoration surgeon, and he has spent his entire career in the medical field. Before beginning HT&RC, he practiced anesthesiology for almost 30 years. He is passionate about providing natural solutions to hair loss. Some of the other services HT&RC offers are: