Age And Hair Loss
06 / 16 / 14

Age and Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss (MPHL) and female pattern hair loss (FPHL) are the most common types of hair loss affecting men and women. Age and hair loss are directly correlated as prevalence of male and female pattern baldness increases with age.

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Age And Hair Loss Statistics

Men suffering from male pattern hair loss:

  • 30% of men 30 years and older
  • 50% of men 50 years and older
  • 80% of men 70 years and older

Women suffering from female pattern hair loss:

  • 6-12% of women between 20-30 years old
  • 40-50% of women 70 years and older


You may have thought there were two guarantees on this earth. One would be taxes and the other death. But really there are three – taxes, death, and hair loss. The trouble is everyone is going to lose hair. It’s going to become miniaturized over time and thinner. Even if you’re not destined to become fully bald, you will lose hair.

In America, there are probably around 35 million men who have noticeable hair loss and about 21 million females. For men, we’re going to lose hair such that 40% of us by the age of 40 have noticeable hair loss. When we’re in our fifties about 50%, and so on until we’re in our eighties and about 80% of us will have noticeable hair loss.

So if there is any takeaway message today, it’s that you need to do all you can do to preserve the hair you’ve got. Once that hair is gone we cannot get it back, and we have many more options to work with when you still have hair on your head.

Hair Loss Consultation

If you are concerned about how your hair loss will progress over the next few years or have other questions about age and hair loss, we invite you to speak with Dr. Gray. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover solutions for a thicker, fuller head of hair.